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An investment property can be a great option for your future with our help.

Finding a good investment these days isn’t always easy. Something that many people feel comfortable investing in, however, is investment properties. If you are looking for an investment property in or around the Kelowna, British Columbia area, then we want to help you get the best and right type of financing for your next venture.

Investment Property in Kelowna, British Columbia

An investment property usually falls under different guidelines than your traditional mortgage. Because an investment property is not going to be your primary place of residence, you can almost always expect the down payment to be higher than with a traditional mortgage, some as high as 25-35%. Depending on the state of the investment property, you might need to start off with a higher mortgage or look into a purchase plus improvements type of mortgage. The options are many, and there will be many questions in the days ahead, but we can help ensure that you get the best possible rates and options for your upcoming investment property.

Because we are brokers, we work for you, not the banks! This means that when you are looking at purchasing an investment property, rather than going to a bank that you know, you come to us, and we bring you several options from our pool of over 20 lenders. When you get to choose your lender, you are able to choose the best interest rate, down payment or other terms that work best for you rather than bending over backwards to meet the demands of your current lender.

If you are looking for an investment property, let us help make this dream a reality. Contact us at Centum Mortgage Store, Ltd. today.

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