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See the potential in homes with purchase plus improvements mortgages.

With the high prices of homes these days, it’s not uncommon for people to take a look off the beaten path and get a home that could use a little love and care for their first home. By getting a fixer-upper in Kelowna, British Columbia, many people can get a much larger home or a home in a nicer area that they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. If you are looking at fixer-upper homes and wondering where you will come up with the thousands of dollars that can make this diamond in the rough a little shinier, then we want to help you look at the purchase plus improvements mortgage option.

Purchase Plus Improvements in Kelowna, British Columbia

When you choose to go with a purchase plus improvements mortgage, you are able to get a home that you like and also do improvements on it, all rolled into one mortgage payment. While it might require a little more paperwork on your part and nailing down firm estimates and costs from those who will be working on your home, at the end of the process, you will be able to have a home that is finished to your taste and one that you didn’t have to improve slowly over time.

It is our job here to find you financial solutions when other banks and lenders only want to look at very narrow options. With options like purchase plus improvement mortgages, we can help ensure that the community is beautified and maintained, and that people are able to get into homes they can enjoy and afford. Let us help you with your mortgage queries, including ones like purchase plus improvement mortgages today. Contact us at Centum Mortgage Store, Ltd. to learn more.

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