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Our team has the right connections and skills to make getting a mortgage as easy as possible for first-time home buyers.

The first time you do anything new can be exciting, but it can also be stressful, and at no time is that truer than when buying your first home. If you are a first-time home buyer, we at Centum Mortgage Store, Ltd. can help make the experience less stressful by helping to streamline the mortgage process and helping you get the best deal for your particular situation.

First-Time Home Buyer in Okanagan, British Columbia

One of the things that makes buying a home a hassle is having to contact multiple mortgage lenders in search of the best offer, but when you work with our team at Centum Mortgage Store, Ltd., you can hand that task over to our experienced brokers. Our team has access to more than 20 lenders, including a few private ones that are exclusive to our brokerage, and we will handle contacting them for you and representing you in the most favourable light. These lenders are used to working with us and will often offer our customers better rates, and many of them will also offer favourable terms to first-time home buyers in order to give them a solid start on the way to financial security. We’ll help you get the best possible offer, and we’ll go over the terms in detail before you sign to make sure you clearly understand everything.

We at Centum Mortgage Store, Ltd. are proud to serve the Okanagan, British Columbia community, and we want to help you make buying your first home as easy as possible. If you are a first-time home buyer, we encourage you to call our team to get the expert advice you need.

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