Mortgage Company, Kelowna, BC

Let us help you secure financing with the right mortgage company for your situation.

If you need funding for a new home, you have the option of working with one mortgage company in Kelowna, British Columbia at a time on your own or with a brokerage that will put several options in front of you and negotiate on your behalf to get you the most favourable terms. At Centum Mortgage Store, Ltd., we may be a bit biased since we are mortgage brokers, but we think working with us makes a lot more sense than going it alone.

Mortgage Company in Kelowna, British Columbia

First of all, we work with more than 20 lenders, including some that are exclusive to our brokerage. That means we can match you with the right mortgage company and type of mortgage for your situation. It would take you days, perhaps weeks, of contacting one after another in the hopes of duplicating what we do for you in far less time and with no effort on your part.

The second thing to know is that our services are usually free. We only charge you a fee if you have a special circumstance or difficult-to-obtain mortgage situation. Although we earn our income by being paid by the mortgage company, we do not work for them – we work for you! We have earned their respect for our ability to bring them borrowers who meet their criteria, which is pretty wonderful when you realize we’re going to bat for those borrowers to get them the best terms.

If you would like to get started finding the mortgage company and terms that fit your short-term and long-term financial goals, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.