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Not ready to pay off your mortgage? Let us help with your mortgage renewal process.

Finding a good deal on a mortgage isn’t important in terms of just your monthly payment, but it will also be important over the life of your loan, potentially costing you tens of thousands of extra dollars over the course of your loan’s term. When you have a mortgage with much shorter terms, you can choose to keep the terms of your mortgage instead of a full payment amount with a mortgage renewal. For this process to work in your favour, we want to help you with your mortgage renewal process for your Kelowna, British Columbia property.

Mortgage Renewal in Kelowna, British Columbia

When you work with us at Centum Mortgage Store, Ltd., you are getting qualified and experienced advice along with some of the best financial solutions out there for your mortgage. We work for our clients, not the banks, and have access to over 20 lenders. This puts our clients in the situation of being able to pick and choose from the lenders that are offering them the best deal with a mortgage renewal, which can save you literally thousands to tens or hundreds of thousands over the life of your loans. With our services being free to you in most situations, you have nothing to lose by checking on your mortgage renewal process with me.

If the date of your mortgage term is coming up and you aren’t ready to pay the balance in full, then talk with us to learn more about mortgage renewal options for your situation.